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Flying Hints



• The flying controls are designed to be really intuitive, tilt the device up to climb, tilt forward to descend, left side down to turn left and right side down to turn right.


• Use smooth, gentle movements to fly the plane. Remember that the Lancaster is a large, heavy aircraft. Changes in direction will have to be anticipated to account for the time it takes for the plane to respond. The aircraft is also naturally stable; given a chance it will try to return to straight and level flight.


• You can adjust the sensitivity of the flying controls, just pause and the Control Menu will drop down. If you push the slider all the way to maximum it is possible to roll and loop the aircraft (but you probably want to keep it around 50% for more precise control most of the time).


• The throttle is automatic and cannot be controlled by the player. On bombing runs the plane will attempt to maintain the correct speed if you’re flying straight and level, this will be 220 knots on all levels of difficulty. Through Holland the speed will depend on the level of difficulty.


• GETTING THERE and HEADING HOME require high speed, low level flying skills, extra points can be gained by flying under many of the obstacles. There are some best avoided; don’t bother trying to fly under the rusty, triangular shaped railway bridges for example, you will crash!


• BRIDGES If you are having difficulty getting through the bridges try to constantly keep the nose of the Lancaster exactly in the centre of the gap as you approach it, don't worry about the rest of the aircraft, it will follow! This may seem obvious but it works.


• LIFE BAR on the left shows damage. If you get hit by gunfire, this reduces in height and changes from green to red. Keep an eye on this as when you have sustained too much damage the aircraft will explode.


• RED VERTICAL HEIGHT BAR on the right shows altitude. It has a green section near the bottom and a small yellow indicator which shows the height of the plane. When you are approximately at the right height to drop the bomb, the yellow indicator will be in the green zone. Use the spotlights to adjust your height more precisely.


• SPOTLIGHTS & SHADOW The Lancaster is fitted with two spotlights shining down onto the water. Descend until the two circles of light line up in a sideways 8 configuration. You are at the optimum height to drop the bomb. When the spotlights pass over the green box, press the red BOMB button to drop the bomb. The spotlights are not used on the GETTING THERE and HEADING HOME levels. You will see the shadow of Lancaster on the water, use this to judge your height.


• BOMBS AWAY The bomb should ideally be released when the Lancaster is flying straight and level as any momentum that the aircraft has will be transferred to the bomb: If you are climbing, descending, banking or turning when the bomb is dropped this will alter its trajectory. It may even hit the aircraft and destroy it.


• Once the bomb has been dropped the camera will follow the bomb and the flight of the Lancaster is now switched to AUTO-PILOT. Unless you were about to crash, the aircraft should clear the dam and the surrounding land safely. If you released the bomb at the correct height and distance, whilst flying straight and level, the bomb will bounce across the water and should slow down as it reaches the dam wall.


• ACCURACY The Dams are massive structures and your only chance of destroying them is if the bombs explode exactly in the right place. On the mission it will take more than one hit to weaken the Dam. The explosive force and damage to the Dam from each bomb is calculated based on its distance from the centre and its proximity to the wall (on the Sorpe it’s just the distance from the centre of the target). So accurately placed bombs will have much more effect and result in breaching the dam with less hits.


• As with the historical mission, you only have 19 bombs. Be prepared to abort your bombing run if you are not lined up correctly; better to save the bomb and go around again for another go.


• HEADING HOME Once all 19 bombs are gone your task is to get all the remaining planes home safely. You will need to keep low all the way, again extra points are available for flying under obstacles but only if you don’t crash!